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June 5-6, 2017

MacDevOpsYVR is the place for Mac Admins interested in integrating DevOps into their IT practice. Share knowledge with your peers and participate in Open Source projects with the MacDevOps community.

Join us at MacDevOpsYVR 2017, our annual conference, for two days of learning and networking. With speakers from Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox and others, this year’s conference will be the biggest yet. And with over 20 educational sessions and 10 hours of networking opportunities MacDevOpsYVR 2017 is your best place to learn from your peers, and connect with fellow Mac Admins.

Continental breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee included.

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Get your tickets: $465 CDN (+ fees + tax).

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Sarah Lewis

A brief overview of the state of security on the DarkWeb & OnionScan  Project.

Sarah Jamie Lewis is an independent security researcher currently living in Vancouver Canada. She has a passion for privacy & anonymity and runs Mascherari Press, an organization dedicated to conducting & promoting privacy research aimed at helping marginalized & at risk communities. She also maintains OnionScan, a large scale dark web scanning project, which currently analyzes over 10,000 dark web sites for various security issues. In the past Sarah worked as a Computer Scientist for the British Government and a Security Engineer at Amazon analyzing threat models and designing defenses to protect against fraud and security risks.

Michael Lynn

Mac-narök: The end times of our workflows are upon us. Be prepared.

Mike Lynn is a Client Platform Engineer at Dropbox in Seattle, Washington. He is obsessed with python and macOS.

Joel Rennich

Privilege Safety Dance - Leverage NoMAD to provide admin privileges to non-admins without any directory services. While still keeping safe with off-box authentication and logging.

Joel is the General Manager for Trusource Labs Enterprise Services in Austin, Texas. Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple.

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